The Road Dogs

Blues-rock band from Minsk, Belarus

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The Road Dogs band was formed in Minsk, Belarus in 2007. Its music style was initially rooted in blues-rock of 1970th. While moving towards the modern blues sound the style developed into mixture of blues-rock, traditional blues, southern rock, funk, soul and gospel. The band has 10-years experience of public performances and is constantly gigging in different clubs as well as big stages including major European blues festivals (Suwałki Blues Festival, Nišville Jazz Festival, Blues Express) in Poland, Serbia, Georgia, Czech Republic and Russia. Original songs are written in English, Polish, Russian and Belarusian languages. Every performance is a musical conversation with the audience accompanied by subtle irony and humor.

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01 Jul 2023 We have excellent news! During year 2023 we were recording new songs for our third album at MAQ Records. The tracks will be sent for mixing and matering soon where outstanding sound engineer Michał Kuczera will be doing some audio magic. We are going to announce our new release date soon. Stay tuned!

14 Jan 2020 Next month we start a set of gigs featuring Polish harmonica player and our good friend Michał Kielak. Michał is the NUMBER ONE harmonica player in Poland holding this title for years. Do not miss the unique experience!

20 Jun 2019 The Road Dogs takes part in cultural events of the 2nd European Games:

  • 23 june - “Fan Zone” at Sport Palace
  • 24 june - “Bright Stage” at Olimpic Village

14 Apr 2019 The Road Dogs have finished working on their 2nd studio album! The first songs were recorded in 2013 followed by long break and the work has finally completed in 2019. Recording sessions took place in two Minsk studios: Maple Tree and Studio 9. Our new tracks featuring international musicians and our good friends: Poland harp player #1 Michał Kielak and american songwriter and guitar player from Johnson City, TN Michael Ward. The release date is still to be announced while we are looking for a distribution label to make the release finally come true.

14 Feb 2019 Hooray! Finally we launched our own web site! Following link you can find out upcoming The Road Dogs gig dates, announces, up-to-date news as well as other useful information.

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Circle Of Blues

Official Release - 2019
Album №1

The Road Dogs №1

Official Release - 2013
Album №1

Live in Balaklava

Unofficial Bootleg - 2011
Live CD

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Lila (Nišville 2018)
Nišville Jazz Festival 2018
Morning Boogie (Nišville 2018)
Morning Boogie
Nišville Jazz Festival 2018
Wolf (Official Video)
Волк (Wolf)
Official Video
I Can Not Cry (BE 2016)
Я Не Умею Плакать (I Can Not Cry)
Blues Express 2016

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Sergey Sklyarov

Sergey Sklyarov

Lead Vocal / Guitar

Vadim Galiullin

Vadim Galiullin

Lead Guitar / Back Vocal

Eugene Stepanov

Eugene Stepanov

Bass / Back Vocal

Maxim Marchenko

Maxim Marchenko

Drums / Percussion

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